Dental Upgrades: Tooth Hazard Risk Assessments

Are you aware of any tooth hazards in your life? If you have not already done so, it is a good idea to establish a checklist of anything in your life that could potentially lead to an oral accident or injury. Even something as common as products you eat could end up damaging your smile for decades to come. Thus,... read more »

Oral Health Advantages: Tooth Prosthetics

  Have you ever started to look for ways to replace any missing teeth you may have? The sooner you take care of this dilemma, the healthier your smile will be. Optimum oral health depends on a complete smile. This includes replacing any missing teeth with reliable and durable tooth prosthetics. Three highly reliable options include dentures, dental bridges, and... read more »

Increase Your Dental Knowledge About Porcelain Dental Crowns

  Oral health often depends on oral health care. However, even if you are effectively taking care of your teeth every single day by brushing and flossing safely and effectively, and making sure you're eating the right foods, dental damage can still arise. Even with the proper tooth hazard and risk protection methods in place, oral accidents may tend to... read more »

Oral Hygiene: Back to The Basics

If you have been brushing your teeth for any length of time, you are probably pretty well versed in the drill by now. You put some toothpaste on the brush, run it over your teeth and you’re good to go, right? Actually, taking care of your teeth is slightly more involved than that. But don’t worry, it isn’t too involved.... read more »

Give Your Smile Some TLC With These Dental Health Tips

To give your smile the TLC it deserves, the American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth and gumline daily to remove oral bacteria and dental plaque in the mouth. It is also recommended to brush your teeth daily for at least two minutes each session, twice a day, to fight tooth decay and gum disease.   -Oral Hygiene: Don't brush... read more »

Smart Smile Basics: Dental Bridges

Dental damage arising from severely damaged teeth may be too great to repair. If a tooth has been severely damaged, an extraction may be necessary to prevent further damage to your mouth. In addition, if you already have lost or missing teeth, it is important to start thinking about a tooth replacement. Effective forms of tooth replacements include dental bridges.... read more »

The Facts on Thumb Sucking

It’s important to address your child’s thumb sucking habit before it can cause damage to his smile. The sooner you can help him stop sucking his thumb, the better off his smile will be. - Although it should only be used if other treatments have failed, your dentist can prescribe products that taste bad and are used to discourage children... read more »