denture stabilizationThere are many problems people may experience with conventional dentures:

  • Unsecured dentures are uncomfortable and often painful.
  • Loose-fitting dentures do not look natural, especially when eating.
  • As the bone continues to melt away, the dentures become loose and can fall out when laughing, sneezing or coughing without the use of adhesives.
  • People without their teeth and supporting bone visibly age much faster.
  • People with unsecured dentures cannot eat certain foods, such as steak, corn on the cob and apples.

If you have lost teeth and replaced them with dentures but are experiencing all or some of the above symptoms, then you are the perfect candidate for denture stabilization. As our dentist can tell you, some of the many advantages of dental implant-retained dentures and dental implant-supported dentures are:

  • Improved comfort and stability
  • Halt in the bone resorption process (deterioration of jaw)
  • Maintained integrity of the facial structures
  • Improved appearance
  • No need to cover the roof of the mouth, so food’s texture, temperature and taste can be better appreciated
  • Infrequent relines and repairs needed compared to traditional dentures
  • No need for adhesives inside the mouth to help hold dentures in place
  • Restored natural biting and chewing capacity

There is overwhelming evidence that stabilized dentures should be the first choice for standard of care for denture wearers.

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