After your implant placement surgery, you must take detailed care of the area surrounding your implant.  For the first month following placement, the implant post will be integrating with your bone and other surrounding tissues, meaning that your home-care oral hygiene routine will be slightly altered during this period.  If you have questions about your aftercare, and to schedule a follow-up appointment with Dr. Victor J. Dongo, our dentist in Hialeah Gardens, Florida, please contact our office at (786) 709-9037.

For the first 24 hours following surgery, you should avoid rinsing, spitting, and touching your mouth to prevent contaminating or irritating the surgical site.  Do not disturb the wound in the days following surgery.

We recommend following these after-care instructions as closely as possible:

  • Antibiotics – take all prescribed antibiotics as directed. 24 hours after your surgery, begin using the prescribed oral rinse twice daily.  You should also use a warm saltwater rinse 4-5 times a day (or after every meal or snack).
  • Bleeding – You can expect to see blood in your saliva for the first 24 hours after your surgery. We recommend gently biting down on gauze pads to help control and lessen blood flow.  Maintain constant pressure and repeat as often as needed, or until the bleeding lessens.  If you continue to experience excessive bleeding, contact our office immediately.
  • Pain Management – The anesthetic from your surgery will wear off shortly after your procedure. We strongly recommend that you begin using pain medication before this happens.  Any over-the-counter pain relivers are acceptable (Ibuprofen, Tylenol Aleve, etc.).  You can also use ice packs or cold compresses on the outside of your mouth and face to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Diet – Maintain a diet of soft foods, initially. You can resume a normal diet as soon as you feel capable of doing so.  Most importantly, stay hydrated!  Drinking plenty of fluids is a critical part of your recovery.
  • Hygiene – You need to keep the surgical site clean in order to heal properly. Continue to brush your teeth as normal, but avoid any sutures, and do not brush the implant.  The antibiotics and saltwater rinses will take care of disinfecting that area.
  • Swelling – You can expect some swelling after your surgery. Keep your head elevated, and avoid physical activity as much as possible.  Use ice packs for the first 48 hours, and apply continuously or as frequently as needed to minimize your facial swelling.
  • Smoking – Do not smoke or use any tobacco products for at least 2 weeks following your implant surgery. Smoking can increase your risk of infection and make it much more likely that your dental implants will fail to integrate properly.
  • Wearing a night guard or other dental prosthesis – Do not wear any type of dental prosthesis for at least 10 days following your surgery. This includes full dentures, partial dentures, flippers, retainers, or night guards.  If there are any special circumstances, we will discuss them with you in your consultation prior to your surgery.

Your recovery will occur in phases.  At the beginning of your post-operative recovery, your primary focus should be on maintaining good oral hygiene.  Your implant must remain clean to properly fuse with your jawbone.  Remember, a properly cared-for implant will provide you with a lifetime of quality service and healthy smiles.

Your discomfort following your procedure should gradually lessen.  Feel free to continue using pain medications until you are completely healed.

Your total healing time will depend on whether you receive an immediate crown placement or wait for the implant to fuse with your jawbone.  Follow-up treatments will be scheduled depending on your individual needs.

If you have any questions about your post-operative instructions, please contact our practice.