Maintaining Your Dentures With Proper Care for a Beautiful Smile

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At Victor J. Dongo, DMD, PA we offer custom dentures for our patients in Hialeah Gardens, Florida who want to enjoy pleasing and comfortable dental solutions to tooth loss. We offer both full and partial dentures for your convenience. Once you have your new dentures, you will need to proper care of them so they can continue to serve you well. Let’s take a look!

– Start by rinsing your dentures completely after you have eaten. You want to wash away stray food particles and other oral debris to help your dentures continue to fit correctly and of course, maintain good oral hygiene.

– Be careful not to drop your dentures when you remove them.You can always put down a hand towel or fill the sink partially with water to cushion any accidental drops. When you are cleaning your dentures, be gentle to avoid damaging the material or bending the clasps.

– Next, you will want to carefully clean your mouth. You can remove debris with a moistened piece of gauze, or even a soft-bristled tooth brush. Clean all areas of your mouth, including your cheeks, palate, and tongue to remove any lingering residue.

– Once a day, you will want to brush your dentures thoroughly.

– When taking your dentures out for the night, store them in a soaking solution to help them keep their shape. You can soak them in water (warm, never hot) or a non-abrasive denture cleaner. If you use a denture soak, remember to rinse your appliance carefully to remove all residue before putting them back in your mouth.

– You will want to see your dentist regularly to give your dentures a professional cleaning, to make sure your denture fits well, and to check out your mouth to make sure it is in top condition.

If you are interested in learning more about dentures, or the stabilized (implant-supported) dentures we also offer, please give us a call at (305) 512-3700. You will still need to take them out at night and clean them, but they are the gold standard when it comes to modern dentures. Give our experienced team a call, and let our dentist, Dr. Victor J. Dongo give you a smile you can be proud of!