Inquiries Into TMJ Disorder Prevention and Treatments

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Making sure your TMJs are well cared for includes making sure you receive the necessary treatments and are aware of risk factors that can cause TMJ disorders to occur. A TMJ, also known as a temporomandibular joint, is a joint within your mouth that assists with moving your mouth in all the directions it needs to. Common questions and answers regarding TMJs can be found below:

What is the significance of a temporomandibular joint?
Temporomandibular joints are important for making it possible for your jaw to work in all the directions it does along with the full opening and closing of your mouth.

What are the treatments for TMJ disorders?
Heat and ice packs can be used to help alleviate pain and inflammation. Meditative therapies, such as yoga, a diet consisting of eating soft foods, jaw strength exercises, and the application of night guards and bite plates all helpful for alleviating issues connected to TMJ disorders.

What are the risk factors that can damage your TMJs?
If you are suffering from grinding your teeth unconsciously, also known as bruxism, have arthritis, misalignments with your teeth and jaw, or continually involve yourself in bad habits such as biting on your nails, you could be at an increased risk for a TMJ disorder.

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