A Few Simple Things Can Help You Comfortably Recover After Periodontal Surgery

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Treatments like gingival flap surgery, gingival resection, or periodontal grafting is sometimes called for to treat severe gum disease. These oral surgeries can help restore the health and appearance of your gums.

They are often designed to remove infected material from the base of your teeth while also modifying your tum tissues to cover the base of your teeth. Proper preparation and quality post-operative care will help reduce your chances of suffering adverse complications after gum surgery.

This oral surgery often requires you to be deeply sedated to remain comfortable. You will need to arrange to have someone drive you while the sedative effect abates.

It’s important to note that even occasional tobacco use can complicate the recovery process. The tar, and other chemicals introduced to your mouth can irritate healing gum tissues. At the same time the suction and heat from smoking can also have an adverse effect on the incision sites in your periodontal tissues.

This can increase healing time and lead to a serious infection. If you use tobacco on a regular basis you should talk to your doctor in advance to find a cessation program that’s right for you. Try to select a program that doesn’t use lozenges or nicotine gum.

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